Headnote featured in Legaltech News

Check out Headnote featured in Legaltech News today! Headnote founder Sarah Schaaf says that Headnote is hoping to respond to foreground ease of use in their approach to billing. “Our first and foremost goal in Headnote is to digitize payments in the legal industry,” Schaaf said. Read on for more about how Headnote is aiming for … Continue reading Headnote featured in Legaltech News

5 Key Takeaways: ILTACON

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ILTACON (aka International Legal Technology Association) just wrapped up its annual conference in National Harbor, Maryland last week and we couldn't help but share Adi Elliot's 5 Key Takeaways from Legal Tech News. The bottom line, all firms will need to embrace technology if they plan to compete in the very crowded legal industry in … Continue reading 5 Key Takeaways: ILTACON

At The Tipping Point

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Law firms are at a tipping point - a moment that marks the transition from having a full staff supporting the firm to juggling their own administrative tasks. More and more attorneys are finding themselves spending the majority of their day (40%!) handling these tasks, much of which involves collections and tedious email and phone … Continue reading At The Tipping Point