We’ve Got Some Exciting News To Share!

Dear Headnote Community,

First, we want to wish you, your teams, and your loved ones health and safety during these volatile times. We’ve been speaking to partners, customers, and prospects to see how our industry is responding, and we’re continually amazed by everyone’s desire for positive change. There are a lot of reasons to look to the days and weeks ahead with optimism.

On that note, we have some news we’re thrilled to share!

Headnote has been acquired by ASG LegalTech, a rapidly growing legal technology business that includes legal practice management platforms PracticePanther, Bill4Time, and MerusCase.  ASG LegalTech brings additional capital, resources, and talent to our team as we turn our eyes towards Headnote’s exciting new future.

We released a public announcement this morning, and wanted to share some additional details with our customers separately in this post as you are the people who made this next chapter possible.

What Happens Next?

Our primary focus remains  serving you — our customers, partners, and the industry at large. You can expect the same functionality and attention to detail you’ve come to expect from us. We are dedicated to our world-class product, our customer service, and to your success. 

In addition, we are excited to welcome our new teammates across ASG LegalTech, increasing our team by more than 5x overnight!  The Headnote team you know and love will remain dedicated, with myself, Sarah Schaaf, becoming the General Manager of Payments across all of ASG LegalTech, including Headnote.  I am also thrilled to partner with Soumya Nettimi, the CEO of ASG LegalTech, who is equally passionate about the pillars most valued by Headnote: team-building, innovation, and customer success.

Finally, we can’t wait to build best-in-class, in-house payment solutions with our new partners, PracticePanther, Bill4Time, and MerusCase.  As a customer of ours, this means you will soon have the option to use all of the functionality you love about Headnote directly in these three leading legal practice management products, if you so choose.  We couldn’t be happier to apply our industry-leading payments technology to create the first ever software-led payments platform in the legal industry.

Thank You

Lastly, we want to acknowledge the role you have all played in helping Headnote get to this incredible milestone. We don’t take these relationships for granted, and we are honored to continue serving as we embark on a new chapter together.


Sarah Schaaf + Team Headnote 

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