Headnote Review: Autonomous AR Has Arrived for Law Firms

Headnote was recently featured at Lex Tech Review, with a complete breakdown of the vision behind the product.

At our core, Headnote exists to simplify accounts receivable for law firms. Typically a source of pain, headache and waste – a simplified process leads to confidence and increased cashflow.

“Exceeding All Expectations”

The Lex Tech Review notes that Headnote CEO, Sarah Schaaf, is bringing a Silicon Valley approach to solving this crucial problem saying:

Exposed to cutting edge technology, both at Google and as an active participant in the San Francisco tech community, Sarah and her co-founder husband, Thornton, were confident in their ability to build a product that would make a significant impact on the legal industry. They had a vision that would streamline the payment process for the client while updating the way law firms run their billing departments, manage collections, and track their outstanding AR. The result is the ability for firms to dramatically speed up payment times and run their back office more efficiently without making significant internal changes. Headnote has exceeded all expectations in usability and practical application for law firm payment processing.

Lex Tech Review

Check out the full review at Lex Tech Review, and if you are a law firm having challenges with accounts receivable, we’d be glad to connect.

Schedule a demo hereS and find out how to make it easy to get paid.

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