Automating Your Law Firm’s Billing Process

Headnote CEO Sarah Schaaf recently appeared on the Maximum Lawyer Podcast to discuss all things billing for law firms.

The interview highlighted Schaaf’s experience observing a variety of firms, and the entire gamut of billing methods. For most law firms the process is to send an invoice out and wait to see if they receive a check a few weeks to months later.

There are a series of meetings and awkward collection calls, but in reality there is a lot of vagueness around the status of each funnel from collection to payment.

The lack of clarity and efficiency in billing and collections is not only a significant waste of time for law firms, but also a major cause of headache and anxiety.

At Headnote, the goal is simplicity and speed. Law firms should have peace of mind about their accounts receivable and the ability to focus on the things that matter most for them.

To see the entire interview at Maximum Lawyer, check it out here.

To learn more about how Headnote helps law firms simplify their accounts receivable, set up a demo here.

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