Transforming Accounts Receivable for Law Firms

Headnote was featured recently by the Evolve the Law Podcast hosted by Ian Connett.

The interview focuses on what Headnote does best: Helping law firms get paid.

A law firm has many facets, and execution in the business side of law can be difficult as resources become spread thin. Therefore, law firms have to constantly be on the lookout for improvements that can be done easily and have a major impact.

You may have potential improvements available to you in your law firm, but if those don’t move the bottom-line, it’s probably not worthwhile to tackle. But getting paid – collecting the cashflow you’ve earned – is paramount to the bottom line of a law firm.

Headnote provides a solution that’s more than payments. Headnote is a full AR process helping law firms see a live dashboard, and take control of their cash flow.

The interview highlights a few specifics in the process of accounts receivable. For one, the goal of reducing awkward collections conversations. No business likes to deal with those conversations, and with the right process, you can automate AR to streamline collections.

This is not only a reduction in headache for your firm’s staff, but also provides a better experience for clients, who want a simple way to pay.

Check out the full interview here. And learn more about how Headnote works with a free demo.

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