The New Headnote is Here!

As an attorney turned legal tech entrepreneur, I feel like I’m constantly trying to reinvent myself to get better and work smarter. This doesn’t just apply to myself and our team, it’s also true for our product itself. Every day we ask ourselves, how can we make Headnote better for our members? What would make lawyers’ lives easier?  

Over the past few months someone from the Headnote team has probably reached out to you to get your feedback – that’s because we’ve been on a mission to speak with every single customer to learn what you love about Headnote and what could be better. We listened to you, our members, and we heard what you love about Headnote and where you saw room for improvement.

With this in mind, today we have a big announcement – we’re introducing the new and improved Headnote! Now you can start accepting online payment from clients without changing any of your current processes using Headnote payment request links. And you’ll never pay anything other than the related transaction fees when your clients pay you (unlike competitors, with Headnote you’ll never pay setup or monthly fees).

What you said was simple: you love how easy Headnote makes it to get paid by your clients but it’s hard to break old habits or move all your firm’s data over from other systems or software. So,  we improved Headnote to empower you to use it with your existing processes.

Easily create a Headnote payment request link and send it to your client via whatever method you’re currently using for billing or invoicing. Your client clicks the link and gets the absolute quickest and easiest secure online payment experience on the market, and you get paid fast (our current average is 4 days or less). Seamless for everyone!

Compatible with virtually any software or invoicing process

We’re here to make your life and collecting on your bills much simpler. Headnote is compatible with your email provider (like Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo), SMS text, Clio, MyCase, Practice Panther, or any other software your firm is currently using to invoice or bill clients. It’s even compatible with accounting software like Quickbooks and Xero. It’s as simple as generating a unique payment link then copying and pasting it into any destination to send to your clients.

Provide the most client-friendly payment experience on the market.

Clients that pay using Headnote continually say that they prefer it over other methods and competitors. Our members also report higher client satisfaction rates when their clients pay via Headnote. That’s because Headnote was created specifically with your client’s experience in mind. The new Headnote provides:

  • An extremely intuitive, easy-to-use secure payment process
  • The option to pay via eCheck or via credit card
  • An exclusive eCheck payment experience that takes less than 10 seconds to complete
  • The ability to make installment payments or pay in full

Headnote eCheck is as easy and convenient as paying with a credit card but the fees are much lower, only 1.9%.

Accept payments to your trust or operating accounts with total peace of mind.

As always, with Headnote you can allow your clients to make payments to your firm’s trust and operating accounts with 100% compliance with IOLTA guidelines and the ABA’s Rules of Professional Conduct for accepting online payment. Earned and unearned fees are completely separated at all times (including during the online transmission process), fees are never taken from trust funds, nor is 3rd party or chargeback access ever allowed.

We’re so excited to bring the new and improved Headnote to you! Check it out and as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Also, whether you register for a new Headnote account or you’re already registered, if you send your first Headnote payment request link during the month of March we’ll cover your first $50 of transaction fees.

Thank you to everyone that has helped us in making Headnote the best possible payment tool for attorneys and law firms – three cheers to getting you paid fast!

Happy Lawyering,
Sarah Schaaf, CEO of Headnote

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