Surefire Ideas to Reignite Your Law Firm Marketing

Create an Explainer Video.
What’s that you say?  It’s a little video you can create online with services like Animaker or Biteable to help people navigate your website or services.  Be creative!  Not many companies use  video because they often assume they  need to have a specific product or application to create them, but that’s not the case.  Maybe you’re a divorce attorney and want to explain the first steps toward filing for divorce.   Write an outline and make a video!  Hosting videos on Youtube or Vimeo is easy, and you can quickly  embed them on your website or in your monthly newsletter in under 3 minutes.

Send a Monthly Newsletter.
Speaking of newsletter…well, you could only assume this was coming.  Stay in touch with your network.  People have come to you for legal advice and services.  Reach out to them with a quick update each month. Mailchimp is  free and offers responsive templates that are easy to edit.  Whatever you do, make sure your email has a CTA (call to action)!

Get on Social Media.
Join in on weekly hashtag themes via Twitter like #TacoTuesday, or create your own branded hashtag and use it on the regular.  Pick a day.  Pick a theme. Do it every week.  #legalsocialmediaexpert

Go Local.
Take advantage of your local community. Put ads on benches, wrap entire cars with your logo through Wrapify, or put flyers up at local businesses. And there’s always the old standby of purchasing listings or ads on bus stops benches.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask.
Email your previous clients and ask for referrals in exchange for a free 15-minute phone session based on the services you offer for each referral you receive.

Think Outside the Content Box.
Create an infographic or an interactive piece of content about your state or city, like these infographics,  are unique, memorable and give you a personality. Remember, not all pieces of content have to be about legal services.  Some articles or pieces featured on your website can be just plain fun—and a good way to build rapport while attracting eyeballs to your site. Users may not need your services right away, but chances are they’ll remember your name when they do.

Host Webinars or Google Hangouts.
A pro-bono hangout can help cement yourself as an expert in your community. Host a 20-minute session once a month for your clients. Include an announcement in your newsletter: “Hey! Join us for a quick 20-minute lunch break this Friday to chat about writing up your business plan. Learn what legal documents you need now—and why.”

Sponsor Local Events.
Easy-peasy, get out there and mingle!

Spice Up Your Business Card.
Boring business cards get tossed—unique ones stick with you. How about including your favorite quote on the back of your business card, or your family holiday card photo, or a quirky pic of your employees wearing gigantic sunglasses at last year’s golf tourney? There are tons of possibilities. Get creative and  random. People will talk.

Launch a Blog.
It’s not scary, it’s writing! Everybody writes. You did it in law school, you do it on Facebook and Instagram, and you can do it now.  Commit to a certain publishing schedule—whether it’s per quarter or month—and get cracking. Don’t overthink the content.

Optimize your Website for Conversions.
This might sound like marketing speak, but hang with us. People don’t really walk into offices anymore searching for help—they’re going online first. Optimize your site for conversions by putting forms or subscription abilities on your website.  Keep in mind a “conversion” can be a user taking any type of action you want them to on your website.  Maybe they subscribe to your newsletter or fill out a form to learn more information.

Don’t Forget the Classics.
Ask local businesses if you can leave a one-pager or business card in the front lobby or highly trafficked area of their office.  We’ve all been that bored person waiting by the front door for someone or something. Who knows, a person might just pick up your business card and think, “Hey, I do have a new idea that I want to get patented!” Boom. New client from Chuck E. Cheese.

Advertise on Facebook, Google AdWords, or LinkedIn.
You won’t know how effective advertising can be until you try.  Set a budget. Experiment on one channel for a week or a month and see how it goes. If you end up closing a significant amount of clients from these channels, then it was worth it!  Make sure you have tracking set in place (don’t know what this is? send us a message and we’ll explain).

Schedule Speaking Engagements.
We know you’re not afraid of speaking in front of people (you’re a lawyer, after all). Speaking is always a great way to meet people and generate brand awareness. Whether you attend a conference for your practice area or for your alma mater, don’t go in without a strategy.  Determine which conferences you can gain the most return from, strategize with your team about any panels or speaking engagements that are best for your business, and develop a plan of attack.

Marketing is an ever-changing process. You reap what you sow – put in a few hours a week and you’ll see results.  Set forth a structure, goals, and regular processes and deadlines and you’ll see clients streaming in through online forms and walking through your front door.

Whether you’re a solo attorney or big firm, this list of law firm marketing ideas should help you get the ball rolling.  Marketing your firm is all about following a basic playbook then starting to experiment. Document your results and tweak your process for the best results.  From there, let your inspiration, data and analysis be your guide!

Have ideas or questions?  Don’t be shy—let us know in the comments below.

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