What To Do When You’re Too Busy

As a solo or small firm attorney you’re busy, really busy. The first thing you’ll need to do is get on Headnote (of course!) and the second is to read this blog post from small firm columnist Gary Ross from Above The Law.

Sometimes you just need to keep things light.  Here are our top 5 favorites from Gary’s list:

Panic. Screw Stay Calm and [Whatever]. (By the way, how many different versions of thisdo we need to see? It’s starting to get annoying.) Doesn’t it feel good sometime to go into a full-throttle panic? Nothing cleanses the nervous system like a full-on panic attack. Only once I’ve let it all out am I truly calm.

Drink on the job. Alcoholism is a popular coping mechanism for a reason. Those little vodka bottles they give you on planes are just the right size for your desk drawer. And if you keep it up – and let’s face it, daytime drinking rarely leads to productive nighttimes – after a few hours you’ll have other concerns to help get your mind off your workload. Like, where am I? Where are my clothes? Who is this?

Take your pants off. You’ll feel more relaxed. Trust me. Close the office door first though. And make sure you’re the only one in your office, or else you’re just asking for trouble.

Call your parents. When you get through hearing about all your screwed-up relatives and childhood friends, you’ll immediately start feeling better. Hey, your biggest problem right now is that you’re a lawyer who’s too busy. Is that so bad?

Take a walk. Just remember to put your pants back on.


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