The Changing Of The Guard

“Millennial attorneys may not want your office.”

In this illuminating article from The American Lawyer, MP McQueen talks about the next generation of attorneys which now represent 20% of all lawyers. Let’s break down how this group will affect change in the legal industry:

  • They are a huge group (75.3 million strong) who will overtake the baby boomer generation this year.
  • They are diverse with 57% representing non-Hispanic whites (vs. boomers who are 72% white).
  • They are the most educated generation with a number of attorneys holding both MBAs and law degrees.
  • They are entrepreneurial making them more likely to start their own practice or collective early on in their careers.
  • They are more collaborative and prefer to work together in open spaces and on their laptops, tablets and smart phones.
  • They may not want the corner office, preferring work-life balance more than any other generation.

Read on to hear more. The changing of the guard is here.

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